“Judith Aronson has spent much of the past 40 years taking portraits of writers, poets, artists and academics. The result, Likenesses, is a book of portraits in words and images — of husbands and wives, parents and children, artists and their collaborators — and the relationships between them.”

— The Financial Times Weekend Magazine 


Inter:Mission Bristol’s Cultural Hub
Likenesses is an interesting and thought-provoking collection of her work, featuring pictures of various authors, artists and critics, such as Saul Bellow and Jonathan Miller.”… — Becca Caseby
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Art Newspaper
Likenesses is a magnificent book, not only for its fine character studies but for the intelligence with which Aronson has captured various ‘betweens'”…  — James Williams
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The Financial Times Weekend Magazine
“The selection, and accompanying commentary, evoke a particular social set”…
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The Boston Globe
“The “likenesses’’ in [her] book are verbal as well as visual”…  — Mark Feeney
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The Telegraph
“A new collection of photographs by Judith Aronson shows writers in intimate settings” …
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Geoffrey Hill Zinger Blog
“First pick goes to the portrait of Geoffrey Hill with Alice Goodman, taken by Judith Aronson”…  — Geoffrey Hill Zinger
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Contemporary Poetry Review
“[Aronson’s] portraits of writers and artists have been collected in her book, Likenesses“…   David Yezzi
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I Love That  Photography Magazine
“Judith Aronson’s subtle, enquiring lens engages the viewer in a relationship with her sitters, and illuminates in turn their own relationships with partners, family, the places in which they live and work”… — Chris Round
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The Simmons Communications Department Portfolio
“The pictures, taken over the course of thirty years in England and America, bring together Aronson’s work as a photojournalist and graphic designer, vividly capturing the cultural life of the age”… 
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The New York Review of Books
“[Aronson’s] portraits of writers and artists have been collected in her book, Likenesses“… — Saul Bellow
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