Most contributions are original to Likenesses. Previously published contributions are dated by year: letters with the date when written (Robert Lowell on William Empson and on Jonathan Miller, I. A. Richards on William Empson and on Robert Lowell); poems, articles, memoirs, and interviews have the year of publication.

Selected photographs with contributions may be viewed online and are linked below.


Saul Bellow and Janis Bellow
by Janis Bellow, Salmon Rushdie (1982)

Sarah Caldwell
by Zipporah Wiseman

Matthew Carter and Arlene Chung
by Judith Aronson

Greg Delanty
by Seamus Heaney

William Empson and Hetta Empson
by Geoffrey Hill, Robert Lowell (1963),
I.A. Richards (1929)

Leslie Epstein and Ilene Epstein
by Judith Aronson

Nicholas Garland and Alex Garland
by Judith Aronson

Howard Gotlieb
by Judith Aronson

Richard Gregory
by Michael Tanner

Seamus Heaney and Marie Heaney
by Derek Wolcott (1985), Greg Delanty

David Hicks, Pamela Hicks, Ashley and
Edwina Hicks
by Ashley Hicks

Geoffrey Hill and Alice Goodman
by Alice Goodman, Judith Aronson

Ralph Koltai
by Judith Aronson

Robert Lowell
by Jonathan Miller, I.A. Richards (1969),
Charles Tomlinson (1981), Derek Wolcott (1985),
Geoffrey Hill (2005)

Norman Mailer and Norris Church Mailer
by Norris Church Mailer, Norman Mailer (1983),
Frederick Wiseman, Diana Trilling (1965)

Jonathan Miller, Rachael Miller and William Miller
by Richard Gregory, Nicholas Garland,
Robert Stephens (1992), Robert Lowell (1964),
William Miller (2006), Jonathan Miller (2006)

Michael Parkinson
by Judith Aronson

Robert Pinsky, Ellen Pinsky, and Biz Pinsky
by Leslie Epstein


Joan Plowright
by Nicholas Garland

J.H. Plumb
by Simon Schama (2001)

I.A. Richards and Dorothy Richards
by William Epson (1973), Robert Lowell (1973)

Ralph Richardson
by Michael Parkinson (2008)

Anne Ridler and Vivian Ridler
by Matthew Carter, Geoffrey Hill, Anne Ridler (2004)

Salman Rushdie and Zafir Rushdie
by Judith Aronson, Norman Mailer (1991)

Charles Saumarez Smith
by Judith Aronson

Simon Schama
by Judith Aronson

Keith Simpson
by Judith Aronson

Ralph Steadman, Anna Steadman, Henry and
Sadie Steadman
by Judith Aronson

Robert Stephens
by Ralph Koltai

Michael Tanner
by Judith Aronson

Keith Thomas and Valerie Thomas
by Judith Aronson

Charles Tomlinson, Brenda Tomlinson,
Justine and Juliet Tomlinson
by Judith Aronson

Diana Trilling
by Robert Lowell

Derek Wolcott and Sigrid Nama
by Simon Schama, Seamus Heaney (1988)

Rosanna Warren, Eleanor Clark, Katherine and
Chiara Scully
by Greg Delanty, Rosanna Warren, Katherine Scully,
Chiara Scully

Frederick Wiseman and Zipporah Wiseman
by Judith Aronson